Binary Sunset..

I like it. I LOVE it.


Another my favorite of him is Superman’s Love Theme.

Although I went to see “Man of Steel”, I don’t have motivation to go to “the Force Awakens” yet.

(Because of the loud sound of IMAX? I don’t know..)


2 thoughts on “Binary Sunset..

  1. K.L. Allendoerfer

    I have actually not seen The Force Awakens yet either. My son got an award from his math teacher to go see it on Monday and we’re letting him be the first in the family to see it. Also, I don’t really like crowds, so I’m okay with waiting for the hype to die down a little bit.


    1. Naba Post author

      “For the hype to die down”, mmm, I got new word, new phrase?
      Thanks. :)

      I was a junior high school student when I saw “Episode IV.”

      On the way home, in the train, I and my friend played with the poster (we got from the movie), as lightsaber.

      Sweet memory? Or good ol’ day?
      (In Japanese, I’d say “natsukashi’i”)

      Thanks for your good post! :D

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