I like to use linkbacks more than “like” feature

Hi, Karen,

(Or, should I call you “Mrs. Allendoerfer”?)
The other day, I had the account of Violinist.com. And, I made a tag for it on my blog.

I could talk with several people on the thread I made.

So, I met (on the thread, I mean) Adrian Heath, and I’d like to contact to her, though..
(Unfortunately, she didn’t write the url or mail address on her profile)

Do you know her as well?

My message to her is very simple, it’s that “see my blog sometimes if you have some spare time.”

Say hello to her, if you can.

Naba :)

Oh, I’d like to thank you seeing my blog sometimes. Thank you always.

> https://klallendoerfer.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/ashokan-journey/

I have to look for my musical home. :)
I didn’t know the tune.
And didn’t know you have YT channel either.
Thank you for the share.

(I can delete this post if you mind)
(My public mail address is: naba.naba@gmail.com)

2 thoughts on “I like to use linkbacks more than “like” feature

    1. Naba Post author

      Oh, right. Yea, I’m not sure whether he or she. Thanks. Go for it.

      I’m also kind of busy. I got some good idea to practice the violin because of Violinist.com.

      I’m going to search the web site by domain search, when I have some spare time.



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